As we move towards the summer many of us are increasing how often we go to the gym! With sunny days on the horizon and holidays, we find we are striving to reach the perfect weight and “beach body” more than ever meaning more hours working out!
As you can imagine, gyms are busy and often hot and sweaty environments. With unique facilities that you are exclusive to fitness center such as saunas, changing rooms and communal shower room there are numerous places where debris, sweat and body fluids can build up. Of course, this is very off-putting to other members and can soon make you consider whether you want to return to a dirty environment.
Imagine the difference walking into a spotlessly clean gym which smells great and looks well maintained – you will be much more likely to stay longer and come back! Regular cleaning to a high standard will reduce lime scale and calcium build-up in the showers, body fat deposits from saunas and steam rooms and any sweaty residues in the changing room areas, leaving members with a cleaner, healthier and more appealing area to work out in.
Edmonton Centennial service’s all cleaning is carried out to the highest possible standards with attention to detail and use of products and equipment tailored to a leisure environment.
If you are looking for fitness center or gym cleaning within Edmonton, Edmonton Centennial Services is here to provide you the required service